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Year 3

Electrical Kaleidoscopes  Design and Technology Autumn 1 2018

For the first half of the Autumn term, Year 3 have been designing and making their own Electrical Kaleidoscopes! We started this Design and Technology topic by disassembling torches and investigating electrical circuits. Next, the children each made a switch and added these to their circuits. Then came the part everyone had been waiting for...making our own kaleidoscopes! Finally, we added everything together and - Hey Presto! - working Electrical Kaleidoscopes!  Each group's model works and Miss Blake is extremely proud of our excellent designs!

Erupting Volcanoes! Design and Technology Autumn 2 2018

Initially, Year 3 researched the three different types of volcanoes (Composite, Cinder cone and Shield) and practised drawing diagrams to show the differences between each type. The children then researched the internet, using the Ipads, to compile fact files on volcanoes. Year 3 practised creating diagrams to show a cross-section of the layers and parts of the volcano. Finally, having investigated a variety of moving levers and linkages, the children made opening flap booklets, with several layers.  Volcanoes with "erupting" lava were created using levers made from split pins and card.  

Erupting volcanoes using levers and linkages

Spring term 1 - Art and Design - Egyptian Masks

Artist Workshop Afternoon 10/1/19

We started our topic based on Ancient Egyptian Art and Architecture with our Artist Workshop Afternoon. Local artist, Steph Coley, gave us an opportunity to view her work first-hand, make collages with her and ask questions about her career. It was a great experience for everyone involved and especially exciting to work with a rea artist!

After looking at Steph's own collages, she demonstrated how to create a mixed-media collage, using various paper scraps and glue, based on blue and gold Egyptian colours. Year 3 really enjoyed working with Steph and added drawings of Egyptian designs onto tissue paper, which were then glued on as a final layer. This was an excellent introduction to this topic. 



To continue the topic, in the following week, Year 3 drew sketches of giant sculptures, such as the Great Sphinx and the pyramids. They also researched the symbolism and different styles of death masks. The children have made sketches and used different graded drawing pencils to experiment with shading and tones. We have also drawn self-portraits with head-dresses, using fractions for the proportions of the face, and gel pens for metallic colours.

When creating our own sculptures, we used mod-roc to create life-size death masks and had great fun getting messy! When the death masks were dry, Year 3 painted them with their chosen designs, mixing colours, choosing patterns as a group and adding metallic colours. 

The finished death masks look really effective and I'm sure that any modern day Pharaohs would be proud to wear our masks! Take a look for yourselves...

Mega masks!

Creative Week Bookmarks, using hot and cold monochromatic colours for the White Witch and Aslan

Spring 2 term, Art and Design, Ancient Egyptian Pattern

This half term, we continued our Egyptian theme and experimented with printing techniques.

Initially, Year 3 investigated what pattern is - a repeated motif - and then researched the elements used in Egyptian patterns, such as plants, animals and gods. We also investigated patterns around school, creating collages on the apps Pic collage and Show Me. The children used these elements to inspire their own designs, and carved these patterns on to polystyrene tiles. The next step involved rolling printing ink on to these tiles, with brayers, and pressing them down on to paper, repeating this process to create block prints. 


Ipad collages made on "Show Me" app.