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Autumn 1

Autumn 1

7.9.18 - 

Livi and Sam - For a fantastic piece of imaginative writing full of rich, ambitious vocabulary!


14.9.18 -

Grace and Willow - For great problem solving and perseverance in a task in Maths!


21.9.18 - 

Chloe B and Isaac - For using fantastic sentence openers and complex sentence in your writing of your own imaginative setting.


28.9.18 - 

Annie- Lea and Rohan - For your great Roman Numeral work, including problem solving and greater depth challenges.

Jessica, Joely and Olivia- Eve - For your description of a Roman character, using rich vocabulary, great adverbial openers and meeting some of your writing targets.


5.10.18 -

Carrera, Curtis, Jake and Nyah - For a great story about Bran and his capture with the Romans. You all used paragraphs in your writing as well interesting time openers and vocabulary and good ideas for your own endings to the story.


12.10.18 - 

Alfie and Luke - For your great enthusiasm for our work on Space week, writing Non-chronological report about planets. Alfie you had so much knowledge to share with the class and Luke you produced a beautiful piece of work- your neatest handwriting to date!


19.10.18 - 

Kane, Maddison and Tino - For brilliant non-chronological reports using all the features.


26.10.18 - 

George- For the neatest handwriting you have ever done in Year 4. Keep it up.

Annie- Lea - For challenging yourself with challenge 3 work in Maths.