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Vocabulary Triangle (explained)


At the start of each new topic we talk to the children about what they already know related to our focus topic. We create a mind map with all of their prior knowledge. This helps us to then make the vocabulary triangle to identify new vocabulary for the children to understand and use during the topic.


TIER 1- Prior knowledge 

TIER 2- Focus vocabulary to introduce during the topic

TIER 3- Aspirational words to extend the children’s vocabulary 

Vocabulary triangle - COLD PLACES



Our word collector vocabulary this term...


- Inuit

- igloo

- husky dog

- sled

- Arctic

- iceberg

- cubs

- camouflage

- South Pole

- Antarctica

- dive

- flippers

- waddle

- Emperor (penguin)


‘Wild Science’ animals visit (04.02.20)

HOT PLACES- THE RAINFOREST We sorted the forest into three layers and used different materials to colour animal pictures for our display.

Antarctica - penguins (wc 20.01.20)

Igloos and Inuits (wc 06.01.20)

Inuit fishing game (addition- part part whole 09.01.20)

13.1.20 Small groups created textured Polar bears!

Our finished Polar Bears look wonderful on display!

The Arctic (wc 13.01.20)

20.1.20 this week, we are investigating life in Antarctica and have been busy painting penguins!