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Year 5

Art and Design Autumn 1 2019 Portraits and Figure Drawing

Initially, we started this topic by investigating Pop Art and the work of Andy Warhol, with collages of facts and images. We then created our own self portraits, in Warhol's style, by tracing photos and then painting over these images, using bright monochromatic colour ranges. Next, we used complementary colours to colour modern celebrity portraits in different colourways, such as Harry Potter and Ariana Grande. Edward Degas was the next artist we studied.  Having focused on his impressionistic portraits of ballerinas, Year 5 used soft pastels to copy Degas' ballerina images.  Next, we explored the proportions of the body by drawing wooden mannequins in different positions. Finally, the children had great fun drawing each other, as seated figures! Well done everyone! This is a really hard topic and you all really impressed me.  

Examples of activities completed in sketchbooks

Air Pressure Aliens/ Pneumatic Moon Buggies  Design & Technology  Autumn 2 2019

As part of the Science topic on Earth and Space, Y5 have begun to investigate air pressure and how pneumatic mechanisms can be used for movement. Initially, we started by researching everyday objects which use pneumatics to operate, and then focused on pneumatic toys. Using simple syringe and tubing systems, the children were able to experiment with lifting and moving objects.

Our next step shall be to design their own alien or moon buggy, with a partner.  Y5 will then decorate the box structure base with a variety of materials, in order to create their moving model. Finally, these models will be painted. 

Examples of diagrams in sketchbooks investigating air pressure and pneumatics

Adding various resources to the main box structure

Excellent details in our finished mcdels!

Environmental Art  - Art and Design -  Spring 1 2020

Year 5 have been investigating the work of Environmental Artists, such as Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Long. We have discussed our personal opinions on this type of sculpture and how it is meant to be ephemeral (made to disappear or transform) or designed for a particular place and can't be moved. 

Having collected natural objects from the local environment we set about designing and then creating our own sculptures at the edge of the forest.  Environmental artists photograph their work to record it, so we took lots of photos.  

As usual, Year 5's creations were awe-inspiring and looked phenomenal! In the coming weeks, we plan on reviewing our sculptures as time passes, seeing how the elements and animals have changed our original designs.

We made 3D installation sculptures inspired by the Environment artist Andy Goldsworthy, using natural resources, in the forest..