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Summer 1

Friday 13th April (Due Wednesday 18th April)


Maths p27: Thousandths


Literacy p30: Past tense using 'have'



Friday 20th April (Due Wednesday 25th April)


Literacy p24-25: Linking ideas 



Friday 27th April (Due Wednesday 2nd May)


Maths p70-71: Line Graphs


Literacy p21: Conjunctions for cohesion



Friday 4th May (Due Wednesday 9th May)


Maths p60-61: Angle Rules


Literacy p26-27: Linking Ideas



Friday 11th May (Due Wednesday 16th May)


Maths p26: Calculation problems


Literacy p11: Relative pronouns



Friday 18th May (Due Wednesday 23rd May)


Maths p66-69: Reflection and Translation



Friday 25th May (Due Wednesday 6th June)


Maths p64-65: Regular and Irregular Polygons

Literacy: The Legend of the Minotaur Comprehension