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Autumn 1

Friday 7th September (Due Wednesday 12th September)


Using the subordinating conjunctions that we looked at this week, write ten sentences about your summer holiday. Try to use a mixture of the conjunctions and consider different ways to place them in the sentences.

If, Since, As, When, Although, While, After, Before, Until, Because

E.g. Although I had enjoyed my summer, I was happy to go back to school.


Friday 14th September (Due Wednesday 19th September)


Place value in big numbers and rounding (2 pages as separate sheet)



Re-draft the paragraph below. Consider how you can improve it, without losing the story. Remember to use CUPS and ARMS to help you. You may want to split it into more than one paragraph.


Koong-se sat sadly behind the palace walls. Outside, she knew that Chang would be carrying on with his life and she couldn’t bear to be without him. It was torture. Finally, she gave into her father’s demands and agreed to marry the Duke. She didn’t want to but she knew that it was what her father wanted. When Chang heard the news, he was upset. He decided to sneak into the palace and find Koong-se. Together, they ran away with the Duke’s jewels and escaped to a secluded island.


Friday 21st September (Due Wednesday 26th September)


Choose two times tables (preferably the ones that you are working on in class) and practise these as both multiplication and division facts. Why not ask someone at home to test you?



Write a book review for a book you have read recently. 

Make sure you include a summary of the plot, information about key characters, your opinion on the story and whether you would recommend the book to others.


Friday 28th September (Due Wednesday 3rd October)


Pages 1 and 2 of your maths homework book.



Choose a news story that you have read or seen on TV recently. Can you summarise the story? 

You can use a story from the First News newspapers in school if you like. 


Friday 5th October (Due Wednesday 10th October)


Pages 3 and 4 of your maths homework book.



Write a setting description about an Autumn scene. Use your senses to help you make your writing more interesting and consider different sentence types that you could use. Try to be as ambitious as you can with your vocabulary choices.

Try to write two or three paragraphs (about ten lines) but if you want to write more, you can.


Friday 12th October (Due Wednesday 17th October)


Pages 5 and 6 of your maths homework book.



Use your writing targets to write sentences that include the following words. Each sentence should include one of the words, try not to combine them together. You should have a total of six ambitious sentences, with different structures.

Words to include: abyss, bewildered, charismatic, determine, extravagant, furiously


Friday 19th October (Due Wednesday 24th October)

Learn the words to our Fairtrade song for Harvest Assembly.



Up-level the following sentences. Try to use a variety of writing features, including your targets, to improve these sentences. Also consider ambitious vocabulary choices.


The girl held her brother’s hand.

The leopard stalked its prey.

The lady waited by the clock.

The passengers stepped off the plane.


Friday 26th October (Due Wednesday 7th November - after half term)


As it is Halloween over half term, write your own spooky story. Try to use descriptive techniques to create atmosphere and consider where you might set your story. Think about how you can use vocabulary effectively and create tension through different sentence types. It doesn’t have to be a long story, but there should be a clear beginning, middle and end.




When we come back after half term, it is Bonfire Night. Create a poem about Bonfire Night using descriptive language to create imagery. It’s up you whether the poem rhymes and how you structure it. Make sure you read it aloud at home to check how well it flows.


If you want, feel free to do both - plenty of team points will be available!