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Year 5

Cooking savoury pastries - Design and Technology - Autumn 1 2018

Initially, we began this Food Technology topic by researching different food groups and investigating what makes up a healthy balanced diet.  Then, in small groups, the children designed healthier pastries, which combined cheese with a selection of fruit and vegetables. Having tasted a variety of cheeses and made selections for their fruit and vegetables, the children chose casing designs in groups.  Next came the cooking, which involved a variety of skills including: delegating responsibilities within the group, preparing pastry and making judgements on how much filling or decoration was needed.  Everyone's pastry was uniquely designed and looked very appetising! Needless to say, the children enjoyed eating their cooked pastries and they were quite rightly proud of themselves!  

Truly Scrumptious Pastries ready for cooking!

Air Pressure Aliens/ Pneumatic Moon Buggies  Design & Technology  Autumn 2 2018

As part of the Science topic on Earth and Space, Y5 have investigated air pressure and how pneumatic mechanisms can be used for movement. Initially, we started by researching everyday objects which use pneumatics to operate, and then focused on pneumatic toys. Using simple syringe and tubing systems, the children were able to experiment with lifting and moving objects. After designing their own alien or moon buggy, Y5 decorated the box structure base with a variety of materials, in order to create their moving model. These models were then painted. As you can see from the photos, we had some very ingenious creations, which Year 2 came to admire and play with! 

Amazing aliens and brilliant buggies!

Environmental Art  - Art and Design -  Spring 1 2019

Year 5 have been investigating the work of Environmental Artists, such as Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Long. We have discussed our personal opinions on this type of sculpture and how it is meant to be ephemeral (made to disappear or transform) or designed for a particular place and can't be moved. 

Having collected natural objects from the local environment (my apologies for any muddy shoes!) we set about designing and then creating our own sculptures on the lawned area at the front of school.   Environmental artists photograph their work to record it, so we took lots of photos on the Ipads. We then used these photos to create photo collages using the "Pic Collage" app. 

As usual, Year 5's creations were awe-inspiring and looked phenomenal! In the coming weeks, we plan on reviewing our sculptures as time passes, seeing how the elements and animals have changed our original designs.

Year 5's adventures into Environmental Art - collecting resources and making sculptures!

Art in the making - using "Pic collage" app.

Creative Week - Narnia collages using tea stained book pages and drawings

Design and Technology - Ancient Greece Theatre Masks  Spring 2 2019

We began by exploring examples of masks, used in the Ancient Greek theatres and investigated how distinguishing facial features conveyed the 3 typical characters used: tragic, angry and comical. We also investigated modern caricatures, as our topic Learning Question was: What might contemporary Greek theatre masks look like? Sketching lessons involved designing exaggerated features, practising different methods of shading and using colours to express emotions. The 3D masks were sculpted from mod-roc, which is plaster in bandage, over a plastic form, and Year 5 worked hard to add a superb variety of moulded details. Finally, a lick of paint really brought the masks to life - just have a look!

Magical masks - Can you guess the emotion portrayed?