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Year 4

Roman Art and Architecture - Art & Design Autumn 1 2018

Year 4 began by researching general Roman architecture and then studying the 3 different types of Roman columns (Doric, Ionic and Corinthian) in more detail. The children drew lots of detailed, notated sketches and used different grades or tones of pencil, to shade their own designed columns. The children used this as a starting point to then design their own clay pots. Everyone made a thumb pot using terracotta clay, and then carved and moulded details. We then created a class slideshow (see below) of our finished designs, complete with speech bubbles for our comments! Our pots are all unique and are beautifully decorated with carved designs!

Tonal drawings of Roman columns in our Art Gallery

Pop-up books  Design & Technology  Autumn 2 2018

For this topic, Year 4 began by researching different paper and card mechanisms used in pop-up books. We then made a variety of mechanisms, which included opening flaps, rotating and sliding pictures, and box-folds, which were rather tricky! After practising these mechanisms, Year 4 then designed their own story layouts and chose suitable pop-ups for each page. Finally, the finished book pages were assembled and stapled together. The children invited Year 3 to come and have a look at their books and then they evaluated each others' books.  Everyone was clearly delighted with their accomplishments! Well done Year 4!

Year 3's visit to see Year 4's Pop-up books

Spring 1 - Design and Technology - Megacity Structures

This topic is cross-curricular with the Geography topic of Megacities. The criteria for this D and T topic, was to build a stable structure which incorporated a cantilever and had size restrictions. 

Year 4 investigated a variety of structures in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. These included making tonal sketches of iconic architecture, such as the Christ the Redeemer statue, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Museum of Contemporary art. We discussed how these structures were different from other architecture.  Year 4 then focused on the Museum of Tomorrow and investigated how cantilevers and triangular brackets are used in buildings.  

The children's task was to build a structure with a cantilever, similar to the Museum of Tomorrow, using lollipop sticks, straws and paper dowels. Working in small groups, Year 4 were able to create a wide variety of super structures, which mostly adhered to the design criteria and were all uniquely original! 


Spring 2 term - Design and Technology- Anglo-Saxon Textiles

As part of this topic work, Year 4 have investigated the intricate patterns used in Anglo-Saxon jewellery and how similar braided patterns were created in woven designs. Initially we used tonal pencils to create detailed drawings of Anglo Saxon patterns.  Then, Year 4 learned how to plait, using 3 and then 5 strands of wool. The children mastered this skill and produced super plaits! Our final challenge, was to create an embroidery, inspired by the Bayeux Tapestry. Using binca, embroidery thread (and a lot of perseverance!) the children created beautiful bookmarks and mats, demonstrating a variety of stitches. Some children even created their own stitches. Well done Everyone!

Summer term workshop day:  Living Landscapes with Alistair Kennedy

During the Summer term, Year 4's art topic was "Living Landscapes". We investigated the mixed-media paintings of a local artist, Alistair Kennedy and then used his work as inspiration for our own designs. During our workshop day with Alistair, the children created pictures with a variety of media to create different textures. Year 4 created mixed-media landscape pictures, initially based on Alistair's paintings, and then texture has been built up in layers, just like a collage, using newspaper, tissue paper and corrugated card. As you can see in the photos below, the children created excellent pictures and even inspired Alistair! Great job Year 4!laugh