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Writing Prompt Spring 1


Choose your favourite game. It can be any type of game, e.g. computer game, board game, playground game. Your task is to write a set of instructions, telling somebody how to play the game.


You will need to think about the formality of your language and the vocabulary choices that you make.


Be as clear as you can in your instructions. Imagine that you are writing for somebody who has never played the game before.

Writing Prompt Autumn 2


You are a lonely, little snowman, stood in the front garden of the Hurst family’s home. You are watching them through the window as they open their Christmas presents beside the Christmas tree.


Write about what is happening from your perspective. How do you feel and why? What thoughts are running through your mind? Consider how you want the reader to feel when they read your writing.


Be as creative as you can - you're more than welcome to use your imagination to tell the reader about the family and what is happening.

Writing Prompt Autumn 1


Your family has decided to sell up and move to live in another country. You are leaving behind friends and family and your old home. You are moving to a new home in the country but you don't speak the language very well.


Your task is to write a diary entry for the night before you leave England. Then write the diary the day after your arrival in another country of your choice.
Use your imagination to write about how you would think and feel.