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Autumn 1

Friday 8th September (Due Wednesday 13th September)


Book Review


Friday 15th September (Due Wednesday 20th September)


Maths p10 - Rounding


Friday 22nd September (Due Wednesday 27th September)


Maths p8 - Ordering and Comparing Big Numbers

Literacy p28 - Present Tense and Past Tense


Friday 29th September (Due Wednesday 4th October)


Maths p6 - Counting Backwards Through Zero

Literacy p4 and 5 - Modal Verbs


Friday 6th October (Due Wednesday 11th October)


Maths p12 and 13 - Written Adding and Subtracting

Maths p14 - Mental Addition and Subtraction


Friday 13th October (Due Wednesday 18th October)


Maths p72-73 - Tables and Timetables

Literacy p2 - Nouns


Friday 20th October (Due Wednesday 1st November)


Half Term Homework Project - Design a Rainforest Animal