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Creative Week 12/2/18 - 16/2/18

In February we held our second Creative Week! Each day, lessons in every class focused on arts activities, including art, drama, dance, poetry and music. On Monday, there was a visiting theatre performance of "Charlotte's Web", which inspired the arts theme for the rest of the week. There was a particular focus on music this year, with each class completing activities as part of the BBC Ten Pieces Scheme.  The week was a resounding success, and we held assemblies to demonstrate all we had learned. 

Reception's drama for "Carnival of the animals"

Reception art work

Year 1's Charlotte's Web display

Year 2 Drama and Music

Year 2's Mixed-media collages of Wilbur the pig!

Year 3 Pictures to illustrate Elgar's music

Year 3 P\atterns inspired by a real pig that paints called Pigcasso!

Year 3 practising yoga to create spider sequences

Year 5 "Charlotte's Web" drama activities

In the Art Gallery, there is a variety of art work from Year 2 and each of the junior classes:

Year 2 mixed-media Wilbur pig collages

Year 3 clay models of Wilbur 

Year 4 tapestry stitches on binka material and paper spiders

Year 5 pictures of web designs using brush pens, and clay or wire spider models 

Year 6 watercolour drip paintings with silhouettes

Display cabinet showing a variety of art work from Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6

Whole school music assembly to share our new skills!