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Year 6

Chinese Landscapes  Art and Design Autumn 1 2019

In Art and Design lessons this Autumn, we have studied the techniques used with watercolour paint, as part of the Y6 Literacy topic on The Willow Pattern story. Initially, we studied the features which make up traditional Chinese landscape paintings, such as pagodas, cherry blossom trees, water and mountain ranges, creating many annotated sketches.  We then experimented with watercolour paint techniques, such as wet-on-wet (adding clear water to the paper and then brushing over with thin washes of paint), background washes using thick brushes, and building-up thin layers of paint.  The most popular technique was definitely spattering paint with a toothbrush!  We had to use a limited colour palette, inspired by The Willow Pattern design and our final paintings were excellent!

As part of our Greater Depth learning challenges, Year 6 improved their watercolour paintings by editing details with white pencil, charcoal pencil and white chalk, to add highlights and lowlights. Can you see the improvements in the photos below?