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Autumn 2

Friday 3rd November (Due Wednesday 8th November)


Maths p18 - Multiples

Maths p19-20 - Factors and Primes


No Literacy this week as 3 pages of Maths


Friday 10th November (Due Wednesday 15th November)


Maths p21-22 - Multiplying and Dividing by 10 100, 1000

Literacy p3 - Verbs


Friday 17th November (Due Wednesday 22nd November)


Maths p16-17 - Squares and Cubes

Literacy p6 - Adjectives


Friday 24th November (Due Wednesday 29th November)


Maths p50 - 51 - Area

Literacy p13 - Clauses


Friday 1st December (Due Wednesday 6th December)


Maths p48 - 49 - Perimeter

Literacy - Drums and Drumming (Comprehension)


Friday 8th December (Due Wednesday 13th December)


Extra Spelling - Autumn Words