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Sensational Shine work!

Every week, I choose two children to be part of the Shine Assembly. I look out for children that have shone in their learning or through their behaviour. Here are some examples of work where children  have put a lot of effort into their learning.  

A wonderful story of Holika and Prahlad. Well done, Olivia T!

What beautiful handwriting, Joely, well done!

You were very careful with the paint brush, Chloe, well done!

What a lovely design for your plate, Maddison!

A great recount of our trip to Tamworth, Samuel, well done!

Lovely writing, Olivia, and a great recount of our trip. Well done!

A very good recount of our school trip using different openers and super joined writing, Jake!

Fantastic reading, George, well done!

You could get a job as a reported with this article, Martin, well done!

You wrote some super sentences sequencing the events of The Great Fire of London. Well done, Aaliyah!

A great story, Annie Lea, and you remembered to describe the character and the setting in your first paragraph. Well done!

Well presented maths work and super subtracting, Chloe!

Super mental subtractions, Samuel! Well done for checking your answers using the inverse.

15/15 shows me that you've been working hard on your mental maths. Well done, Grace!

Super Science learning, Alfie. You presented your work beautifully!

Very neat writing Madelin, and good reasons for why particular materials are chosen to make certain objects.

Well presented Science work, Darcie. You explained why particular materials are chosen to make certain objects.

A super story, Isaac!

Wonderful writing, George!

A very detailed description of Florencce's later years. You worked hard on this Poppy, well done!

A really well witten paragraph about Florence's later life. What neat writing, Chloe!

A super recount of Florence's life in chronological order, well done Kane!

Livi wrote some super sentences about the Gun Powder Plot. What woderful writing!

What a detailed description of The Gun Powder Plot, well done Carrera!

A very good explanation of how animals depend on plants, well done Nyah!

A super Katie Morag story set n the Island of Struay. Well done, Jessica!

A very descriptive poem of a stormy day on the beach, well done Curtis!

Joely wrote a lovey descroption of Katie's feelings in differet parts of the story. Well done!

You compared Gannie Island and Granma Mainland really well using 'but' and 'however'. Well done, Millie!

A wonderful character description of Katie Morag. Well done, Annie May!

What an amazing effort in reading and writing numbers in numerals and words. Well dne, Maddison!

Fantastic effort, Tino! You are learnig colours and animal names really quickly and what neat work!