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Mr Cable has asked that you complete your DARE report.

You will have two weeks to write the report. remember your writing targets - it's important that you try your hardest!

Please make sure your DARE book is in school next week, we will be having a DARE lesson.


SPAG book - C4


SPAG book  - C3


SPAG Book Test C2


SPAG 10 Minute Test - see your book for the test number.


We have been trying really hard in Year 6 to ensure that our handwriting is beautifully neat, joined and resting on the line. We make sure that our capital letters are tall and that they are not joined to the next letter.


Can you choose a poem or an extract from a text that you enjoy and copy it into your homework book.  You must use your best joined handwriting and be prepared to explain what you like about that particular piece of writing or poem.

16th February 2018

Over the half term, we'd like you to think about the class' favourite book and author (David Walliams and The World's Worst Children). 

It is our job to persuade the rest of the school that our choice of favourite book and author are the best choices!

We will be decorating the classroom door with our work, drawings, character sketches, craft bits - basically anything which shows how fabulous our book and author are.


It is your job to create something with which we can decorate our classroom door.


Complete the SPAG sheet


We've been reading Street Child in class.  For homework, we'd like you to find out 10 interesting facts about Victorian Britain. Put them in a list, remembering what you know about punctuation, e.g. bullet points and colons.




Write a paragraph about anything you like, making sure that you include as many of your new writing targets as you can.


Learn your assembly lines, please.


SPAG sheet


SPAG sheet


SPAG sheet - we will go over in class next week.


You have some SPAG questions to complete. We will go over them as a class next week.


I would like you to create a setting. It could be a tropical island, a haunted house, a fun fair, a circus...the choice is yours.

Write one or two paragraphs using your writing targets and paint a picture with your words.


You have some SPAG questions to complete.  We will go over them as a class next week.

Halloween Fun!

You have a photocopy of some spooky spellings and a creepy comprehension to complete.

If you'd like to do some more Halloween work over the holiday, I have attached a document below.


We always try to proof read and edit our writing. One of the things we look for is to check we've not missed out any words.  Your task is to complete the given sheet. There are words missing from the texts and you have to find them and add suitable words so the sentences make sense.

13.10.17 writing homework


This week we have written a persuasive letter. Your job is to write a persuasive letter to Mrs Hughes, explaining why children at Overseal should not have to wear a school uniform, or that children at Overseal should have extra playtime.

Remember to include:

  • Introduction - state what the letter is about.
  • Give reasons why you should get want you want, e.g. without exercise, children could gain a lot of weight and become unfit.
  • Conclude by re-stating your point of view.
  • Use emotive language.
  • Use rhetorical questions.



Example of a persuasive letter


This week we have been looking at newspaper reports and news from around the world (and local news).

Your homework is to:

Find a news article (on-line or from a paper).

Read it and then summarise it in your own words.

Highlight the VIP words or phrases, too.

If possible, stick the article in your homework book.


Write two paragraphs about anything of your choice.

They need to include at least three of your writing targets and some Y5/6 spellings.


You have a sheet to complete.  Use the words given to make the sentences make sense!

The words are Year 5/6 spellings and rules.


Over the next weeks, in our library sessions, we are going to be talking about our favourite authors.

I'd like you to prepare to discuss your own favourite author with the class.


You can create a fact file, make a leaflet or a power point display, design a poster or simply make notes - it's your choice. Just make sure you can discuss your favourite author, telling us all why you like them and their work.