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On May 25th 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulation (G.D.P.R) came into place and, as a school, we have to legally comply with these requirements. The new laws change how we can use your personal data and keep it safe and it also strengthens your rights over your own data. In line with this new legislation, we are informing you about what we do with the personal information we hold about you and your child.

As you will know, when school starts we ask you to provide details of your child’s address, contact phone numbers and emergency contacts, date of birth, details of parental responsibility and medical information. This information is requested for lawful and transparent reasons. The information is used so we can contact the appropriate person in times of need but we will only ever use the information to support the needs of your child. We also collect information which will help us to better support your child such as language spoken at home and if your child has any Special Educational Needs. The majority of the personal data you provide for the school is mandatory, forms part of the children’s educational development and enables us to fulfil our legal academic and safeguarding obligations.

We also collate information of academic progress and milestones of your child. This can be shared with other educational establishments or agencies to help support the well-being of your child. Details are kept on our school databases and can be shared across the school to support the academic progress and wellbeing of your child. Our databases and any programs we use to support them will be password protected/encrypted and can only be used by staff at the school.

Our databases include academic records and progress, behaviour and child protection records and may all be used to safeguard your child. Information from our records may be transferred to other schools when your child moves to another school. These files are shared for the benefit of your child.

We operate a strict policy of removal of personal details where records are taken out of school, but these may be required if a member of staff is going to a multi-agency meeting. Staff will be held accountable if this information is not treated with confidentiality and respect. We are currently in contact with all our third parties who supply our systems to ensure they are also GDPR compliant.

We have updated our consent forms in accordance with the new legislation and are re-seeking consent for areas such as using photographs on the website or other school materials. The information in this form will be used throughout your child’s time at school. You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting the school in writing with a request to remove certain details or consents from your child’s record.

Please see our G.D.P.R. Policy and Privacy Notices below.