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Autumn 2

Friday 9th November (Due Wednesday 14th November)


Pages 14-15 Division


Air Maths Group

Pages 11-12


Friday 16th November (Due Wednesday 21st November)



Where do you think these people are? Explain why you’ve made your decision using clues from the information given.


Anne is somewhere dark and chilly. She can hear water dripping and the walls are rough and damp. Anne is exploring feels excited and curious.


Kirsty is somewhere warm and steamy. There are lots of delicious smells and people around her are busy working. Kirsty is getting hungry.


Friday 23rd November (Due Wednesday 28th November)



Adding and subtracting fractions - separate sheet.



When people feel different emotions they usually act in different ways. How people act helps us to see how they are feeling.

What do you think these people are feeling?

1. Grant jumped up and down, waved his arms and shouted “Yay!” That night, he couldn't even sleep.

Grant feels:
I think this because:


2. Hannah's hands balled into fists. With tears in her eyes, she stormed into her bedroom and slammed the door.

Hannah feels:
I think this because:


3. Jenny panted softly and kept her shaking hand gripping tightly to the torch. She kept turning round to see what was behind her and jumped at every noise.

Jenny feels:
I think this because:


Friday 30th November (Due Wednesday 5th December)



Multiplying and dividing fractions - loose sheet.



Using three ideas in a sentence can show actions.

E.g. James revved the engine, released the break and raced from the starting line.

Can you think of what to put in the blanks? Rewrite into your books if you need more room.

  1. Sir Archibald__________________________, spurred his horse and charged towards the dragon.
  2. Penny found the torch, switched it on and__________________________.
  3. The monkey climbed up the tree, __________________________and jumped into the river.
  4. Josh and Thomas picked up the radio, __________________________and turned it on.
  5. Kenneth__________________________, __________________________and threw it into the lake.
  6. Agent 007 flicked the switch, __________________________ and __________________________.



Friday 7th December (Due Wednesday 12th December)

Numeracy - p23




Can you use speech punctuation to show what has been said by some of the visitors to Santa’s Grotto this year?


  1. I’d like a Barbie for my Christmas present explained the little girl.
  2. The boy asked politely please could I have a toy car.
  3. Have you been here all day questioned the little girl.
  4. The girl in Year 5 requested I’d like a doll, a bike, a teddy and an ipad.
  5. Do you live in the North Pole the boy asked.
  6. Excitedly, the little girl said I loved the presents you brought me last year.
  7. I’d like to receive a new T.V this year whispered the little girl.
  8. The boy in year 1 giggled do you eat lots of mince pies.
  9. I love your beard shouted the twins.
  10. Enthusiastically, the little girls said I love your red trousers.

Pick one of the sentences above and see if you can improve it.