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Autumn: Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age

We will be finding out what jobs do archaeologists do and why are they so valuable in helping us find out about history. We will be finding out what life was like in an Iron Age hill fort and what an Iron Age roundhouse looks like. The children will find out about the life styles of the early Britons through the art they produce. They will also consider what other kinds of sources tell us about the Stone Age.

LO: TBAT use the internet to research a period in History

What kinds of sources tell us about the Stone Age?

We ordered events from The Bronze Age in chronological order.

Spring: Ancient Egyptians

We will find out how long ago the Ancient Egyptians were around and why the river Nile was so important to Egypt and its people. Also, we will find out how the different pyramids were constructed. Furthermore, we will discover what the Ancient Egyptians believe about life after death. The children will continue to learn about the important work of archaeologists and will try to understand what artefacts can tell us about the past. They will handle artefacts and research the answers to some important questions such as:

  • Who was Tutankhamen and why were pharaohs important?
  • What are hieroglyphics?
  • Who were the Egyptian gods and goddesses?
  • What is the process of mummification?