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20.10.17  There is no grammar or maths homework over half term. Instead the children have a choice. They can do something creative that links to what we've learned about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. They could do something from the list below or think up their own activity.

 - Create a poster or leaflet

-  Do some cave painting inspired art

-  Make Stonehenge using different materials

- Create a cartoon set in this period of history

- Write a story set in a hillfort

 - Write a diary entry pretending to be a Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age child

- Get out into the woods and build a shelter or carve a spear (with adult supervision!)


You only need to do one thing and you can either bring it in to school or bring a picture of what you've done. Have fun!

13.10.17   Maths page 9    Grammar page 4