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Year 2

Island Vehicles - Design & Technology Autumn 2018

As part of the Literacy topic on Katie Morag this Autumn, Year 2 children have been designing and making their own vehicles in Design and Technology lessons. We started by looking at a range of vehicles and identifying their different purposes, such as emergency, work, transport or leisure.

Next, we drew diagrams of different vehicles that would be used on Katie's Island of Struay. Then, we began to design our own purposeful vehicles, such as a tractor for Katie's Grannie, or a post van to deliver the mail. Ice-cream vans proved to be very popular! Year 2 drew detailed labelled diagrams to show the main parts of a vehicle: wheels and axles, chassis and body. Making our models involved understanding how to join an axle to a body, so that the wheels can still move freely. Year 2 were very sensible using the glue gun, with adult supervision.

We then used boxes and cardboard to build the vehicle body and painted our models. Finally, we used pen to draw on extra details, such as windows and words.   All our models move well and look brilliant and everyone enjoyed having a rally in the hall!

Using the glue gun

Fabulous Finished model vehicles!

We had great fun having a rally in the hall!

Artist Workshop Morning 10/1/19

We started our topic based on "Collage Tales" with our Artist Workshop Morning. Local artist, Steph Coley, gave us an opportunity to view her work first-hand, make collages with her and ask questions about her career. It was a great experience for everyone involved and lots of the children said that it was the first time that they had actually worked with an artist, so it was especially exciting for them.

After looking at Steph's own collages, she demonstrated how to create a mixed-media collage, using various paper scraps and glue, based on one colour only. She then explained that collages are like jigsaws in that you play with the pieces, until they "fit" and you like what you see.

After Year 2 had made their own collages, they were inspired and felt very confident with this technique. To finish-off the collages, we added snippets of characters, names and "fairy-tale speak", such as "once upon a time...", and "...they all lived happily ever after".

As you can see in the photos below, their final creations were stunning!

Collage Workshop with Steph Coley

Fabric collagesof Aslan the Lion made during creative Week