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Autumn Term

Autumn Term 2

16.11.18 - CGP Maths book , pg 12: Multiplying


23.11.18 -  CGP Grammar book , pg 20-21: Conjunctions


30.11.18 - CGP Maths book , pg 13: Multiplying (Written multiplication method, multiplying three numbers and factors)


7.12.18 - 


14.12.18 - 


Homework- due in 17th October (17.10.18)

Literacy- Write your own non-chronological report about a subject of your choice. Try to use all the features we have learnt about this week. Information on sheet given.

Homework- due in 10th October (10.10.18)

Maths- CGP book pg 7 and 8 (Adding)

Homework due in 3rd October (3.10.18)


Maths- CGP book, pages 1-2

Literacy- CGP grammar book, page 3, Adjectives

Homework- due in 26.9.18

Maths- Negative numbers word problems worksheet

Homework- due in 19th September

Literacy: Up-levelling sentences sheet

Maths: Ordering and comparing numbers sheet