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Come and meet the staff who work at our school!


Mrs F Hughes: Headteacher (Tuesday to Friday)

Mrs L Borrington : Headteacher (Monday), Assistant Head and Year 6 teacher 

Mrs A Wiggins: Year 6 teacher 

Miss L Talbot: Year 5 teacher

Miss O Palmer: Year 4 teacher

Miss A Khalique: Year 3 teacher

Mrs L Armah: Year 2 teacher

Miss R Stephens: Year 1 teacher

Miss H Kesterton: Year R teacher and SENDCo

Miss F Blake works across KS1 and KS2.

Mrs L Parkinson: Pastoral Lead, SENDCo Assistant and works across KS1 and KS2.


Mrs S Judd, Miss H Rogers and Mrs J Horsgood will be going on maternity leave in the autumn term. 



Teaching Assistants

Mrs R O’Brien : Year 6 TA

Mrs J Groom: Year 5 TA

Mrs S Holdsworth: Year 4 TA

Mrs G Mason: Year 4 TA

Mrs S Usher: Year 3 TA

Mrs L Rowland: Year 3 TA

Mrs K Thompson: Year 2 TA

Mrs A Shepherd: Year 1 TA

Mrs A Haldar: Year 1 TA

Mrs R Leahy: Year R TA

Non Teaching Staff

Office Staff:

Mrs L Haylett: Business Officer

Mrs S Bayliss: Business Assistant

Catering Staff:

Mrs J Guest: Catering Manager

Mrs C Heath: Catering Staff

Mrs S Stubbs: Catering Staff

Mrs L Worthington: Catering Staff