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Strategies we use in school

It is very important to remember that not everyone with a diagnosis of ASD presents behaviours with the same challenges, they may be similar but we are all individuals so each child will carefully tailored and personalised provision to support their needs.

These are some of the strategies we use in school and our provision is continually evolving.


Visual Cues 

We give the children pictures of expectations of behaviour in the classroom for example:

  • A cross and a tick to indicate yes or no.
  • Pictures to show it is lunch time, playtime, snack time (PECS cards). This is also a way for children to communicate as they can show a card to indicate their needs such as a drink.
  • Visual timetables in all classrooms so the children can see what is happening next and through the day.
  • Now and next boards - now this, next that.
  • Counting spots to warn when activities are going to end.
  • Emotional strips; show me how you feel.


Sensory Integration:

  • Sensory diet to meet the child's needs. This is done through balance and cordination (vestibular) and through muscle movement (proprioception).
  • Sensory boxes in each classroom.
  • Fidget toys to help them concentrate
  • Quiet time when needed (colouring is often a calming choice).
  • Ear defenders
  • Wobble cushions and busy feet.
  • Writing screens.
  • Coloured overlays.


Desensitisation through controlled noise exposure and tactile integration.