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Year 3

Electrical Kaleidoscopes  Design and Technology Autumn 1 2017

For the first half of the Autumn term, Year 3 have been designing and making their own Electrical Kaleidoscopes! We started this Design and Technology topic by disassembling torches and investigating electrical circuits. Next, the children each made a switch and added these to their circuits. Then came the part everyone had been waiting for...making our own kaleidoscopes! Finally, we added everything together and - Hey Presto! - working Electrical Kaleidoscopes!  Each group's model works and Miss Blake is extremely proud of our excellent designs!

Designing our kaleidoscopes

Amazing Electrical Kaleidoscopes!

Amazing Electrical Kaleidoscopes! 1
Amazing Electrical Kaleidoscopes! 2
Amazing Electrical Kaleidoscopes! 3
Amazing Electrical Kaleidoscopes! 4
Amazing Electrical Kaleidoscopes! 5
Amazing Electrical Kaleidoscopes! 6
Amazing Electrical Kaleidoscopes! 7
Amazing Electrical Kaleidoscopes! 8
Amazing Electrical Kaleidoscopes! 9
Amazing Electrical Kaleidoscopes! 10

Erupting Volcanoes! Design and Technology Autumn 2 2017

Initially, Year 3 researched the three different types of volcanoes (Composite, Cinder cone and Shield) using the Ipads. They then used mod-roc to sculpt their volcano models and painted them using realistic colours. The children also created diagrams to show a cross-section of the layers and parts of the volcano. Finally, the moment came that we had all been waiting for ... time to make some eruptions! By combining everyday household chemicals (such as vinegar, baking soda and washing-up-liquid) we were able to create bubbling lava, which poured out from the inside of our model volcanoes! It was great fun to watch our volcanoes erupt!  We demonstrated our understanding of what we'd learned about different volcanoes to Year 1.  These younger children were very impressed with our knowledge. You did a super job Year 3! Well done!

Creating our volcano models

Painting our model volcanoes

Fabulous finished volcano models!

Fabulous finished volcano models! 1
Fabulous finished volcano models! 2
Fabulous finished volcano models! 3
Fabulous finished volcano models! 4
Fabulous finished volcano models! 5
Fabulous finished volcano models! 6

Exploding volcanoes with Year 1