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Core British Values

Autumn Term 1

George- Passion for learning.

Darcie- Always showing respect.

Chloe G- Passion for learning.

Millie- Being respectful and patiently waiting.

Luke- Being respectful always.

Sam- Having a great passion for learning.

Curtis- Having a good mindset in your learning.

Joely- Respectful all the time.

Poppy- Having a good passion for learning .

Isaac- Self-belief which always makes you determined in your learning.

Grace S- Having more self-belief to answer questions.

Madelin- Having a positive growth mindset in everything you do.

Autumn Term 2

Jessica- Great teamwork in our first forest school session

Livi- For coming back after half term with determination and a great learning attitude

Curtis- Determination and working through finding something difficult to being able to achieve it with effort and hard work

Chloe G- Passion for reading and contribution to her inference reading group

Chloe B - Passion for writing and using her fabulous vocabulary in her diary entry.

Tino- Passion for reading after moving onto the next reading level.

Grace H, Nyah and Willow - ALWAYS showing respect

Spring Term 1-

Jake and Maddison- for good team work during partner work in Science.

Jessica - for always showing respect to every member of the class. 

Spring Term 2

Jake- Growth mindset- for coming back with a focussed, mature learning attitude.

Jessica- Passion in Science and making lots of scientific enquiries

George- Determination in his handwriting.

Carrera- Teamwork in helping a peer in class with their maths work

Rohan- Growth mindset ( coming back to school with a great learning attitude)

Darcie- Good team work always. Always helping others.

Nyah- Respectful- Always showing manners and respect to everybody!

Olivia-Eve- Respect. Wanting to help, listens and considers others.