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Teachers 1 Mrs Fiona Hughes, Headteacher
Teachers 2 Mrs Leanne Borrington, Assistant Head and YR
Teachers 3 Mrs Laila Riggott, Assistant Head, SENCO and Y5
Teachers 4 Mrs Alice Wiggins, Y6 Teacher
Teachers 5 Miss Heidi Rogers, Y4 Teacher
Teachers 6 Mrs Lizzie Goodrige, Y3 Teacher
Teachers 7 Miss Jessica Lambert, Y2 Teacher
Teachers 8 Miss Rebecca Stephens, Y1 Teacher
Teachers 9 Mrs Heather Lilley, Reception Teacher (part time)
Teachers 10 Miss Fiona Blake, Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants 1 Miss Clare Edwards, TA & Midday Supervisor
Teaching Assistants 2 Mrs Bridget Gorman, TA & Midday Supervisor
Teaching Assistants 3 Mrs Julie Groom, TA & Midday Supervisor
Teaching Assistants 4 Mrs Sharon Holdsworth, TA
Teaching Assistants 5 Mrs Ruth Noon, TA & Senior Midday Supervisor
Teaching Assistants 6 Mrs Rachael OBrien, TA & Midday Spervisor
Teaching Assistants 7 Mrs Lisa Parkinson, TA
Teaching Assistants 8 Mrs Janet Summers, TA
Teaching Assistants 9 Mrs Karen Thompson, TA & Midday Supervisor
Teaching Assistants 10 Miss Melanie Wczasek, TA

Non Teaching Staff

Non Teaching Staff 1 Mrs Janet Runagle, Senior Clerk
Non Teaching Staff 2 Mrs Louise Haylett, Office Clerk and Catering
Non Teaching Staff 3 Mr David Yates, Caretaker
Non Teaching Staff 4 Mrs Yvonne Sidwells, Crossing Patrol
Non Teaching Staff 5 Mrs Clare Fisher, Catering Manager
Non Teaching Staff 6 Ms Colleen Heath, Kitchen Assistant
Non Teaching Staff 7 Mrs Susan Stubbs, Kitchen Assistant