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Year 6 - Mrs Borrington

Please watch Mrs Borrington who wants to welcome you all to Year 6!

Click the link below (web address) to watch the video.


Our class entrance! I look forward to adding some photographs on here of our magical experiences over the year!

Your Classroom!

Waiting in your drawer you all have a welcome letter from Professor Borrington and Madame O'Brien and a book mark to keep!

Today I would like you to think of facts about yourself that you could share with me. You could present it like this or you might have a different idea. Think of facts about you and then I can guess who it is, you could reveal who it is further down the page or in a second photograph. Email me your clues and then also who it actually is. I hope to find out all about you. Email clues to 






An activity for you to do today is: Write down everything you think it would be helpful for me to know about you . It could be things that you find difficult, your goals for the year, things I can do to help you learn or just about your hobbies and interests. Then put them all into a container or jar. Make a label for the front and bring it into school in September and I can look through them all and get to know you better. I hope we will be able to put them on display in the classroom in our first week together. 


A kindness poster


One of our most important school rules is to be kind. I would like you to make a poster today that shows all the ways that people can be kind. If you see someone doing these actions in our classroom then you should nominate them to be our VIP that week. I plan to put some of these posters up in the school hall to remind everyone about what being kind looks like. Email your poster pictures to Year6@overseal.derbyshire.sch.uk

Click on the website here to listen to the first few pages of our class book Stormbreaker by Antony Horowitz. If you have your own copy, then bring it to school in September so you can read along.