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Year 6

Click the link below for welcome back video

Hello Year 6,

We all hope you have had a lovely summer and we are really looking forward to seeing you back in September. While you have been at home, we have been really busy in school, doing lots of painting and buying new furniture to make sure that the school is very smart for you when you return. I have added a few photos and a video message to help you know what to expect. Here are some things that may help you, and the person who looks after you, get ready for the new term.


The video shows you what to do in the morning when you get to school and where to be met in the afternoon. There is also more information in the Welcome Back to School Powerpoint, telling you about start and finish times.

We will be having play times in small groups and eating our lunches in the classroom with our teachers and friends. Your pegs and desks are all ready for you, and everyone gets their own pack of pens and pencils so you do not need to bring in anything from home.



We will let you know on Friday which will be your PE days. To make everything easier at the moment, we will be letting you all come in your PE kit on PE days. 

We have not changed our PE uniform and we do need everyone to come in this as it will be the uniform for two days a week. The only difference is we would like you to wear a school sweatshirt for PE. You will be in your PE kit all day so it must be in school colours and sensible. In the morning your parents or carers will be able to decide what to send you in depending on the forecast that day. Whatever you wear, you will be wearing in lessons and for outdoor PE. We would like you to wear an existing school sweatshirt as it will be going home ready for washing. You can also a wear a normal school polo shirt or PE T shirt. These must be white or yellow and not sports branded. Please try not to wear earrings on PE days and to tie long hair back.


PE kit is part of school uniform and must be:

A pair of plain black, navy or grey joggers or black or navy PE shorts.

A white or yellow school T shirt or polo shirt (no logos apart from school)

A green sweatshirt.