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Year 6

Please note that French is not taught until the Summer term in Year 6 where it is taught in a concentrated block.

Objectives covered in Year 6:


Understand longer and more challenging texts on a range of topic areas, recognising some details and opinions heard. (Listening)

Apply knowledge of phonemes and spelling to attempt the reading of unfamiliar words. (Listening)

Engage in longer conversations, asking for clarification when necessary. (Speaking)
Create his/her own sentences using knowledge of basic sentence structure. (Speaking)
Use pronunciation and intonation effectively to accurately express meaning and engage an audience. (Speaking)
Read aloud and understand a short text containing unfamiliar words, using accurate pronunciation. (Reading)
Attempt to read a range of texts independently, using different strategies to make meaning. (Reading)
Use vocabulary learnt from reading in different contexts and use dictionaries to find a wide range of words. (Reading)
Write a range of phrases and sentences from memory and adapt them to write his/her own sentences on a similar topic. (Writing)
Select appropriate adjectives to describe a range of things, people and places and appropriate verbs to describe actions. (Writing)