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Year 5

Objectives covered in Year 5:


Please note that French is taught in Year 5 around the weeks when we are swimming.


Gain an overall understanding of an extended spoken text which includes some familiar language, for example summarising in English the key points of what he/she has heard in the target language. (Listening)

Identify different ways to spell key sounds, and select the correct spelling of a familiar word. (Listening)

Take part in conversations and express simple opinions giving reasons. (Speaking)

Adapt known complex sentences to reflect a variation in meaning. (Speaking)

Begin to use intonation to differentiate between sentence types. (Speaking)

Create a short piece for presentation to an audience. (Speaking)

Read aloud and understand a short text containing mostly familiar language, using fairly accurate pronunciation. (Reading)

Learn a song or poem using the written text for support. (Reading)

Use dictionaries to extend vocabulary on a given topic and develop his/her ability to use different strategies to work out the meaning of unfamiliar words. (Reading)

Write phrases and some simple sentences from memory and write a short text such as an email with support from a word/phrase bank. (Writing)

Use a wide range of adjectives to describe people and things, and use different verbs to describe actions. (Writing)

Know how to conjugate some high frequency verbs. (Grammar)

Understand how to make changes to an adjective in order for it to 'agree' with the relevant noun. (Grammar)

Adapt sentences to form negative sentences and begin to form questions. (Grammar)