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Year 5

Geographical skills and fieldwork 

  • I can understand and use a widening range of geographical terms such as climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts, rivers, mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes and the water cycle 


Locational knowledge 

  • I can identify and describe the significance of the time zones 
  • I can recognise the different shapes of countries 
  • I can identity the physical characteristics an key topographical features of the countries within North America
  • i can show I know about the wider context of places
  • i can describe where a variety of places are in relation to physical features and human features 
  • I can show I know the location of capital cities of countries of British isle and UK, seas around the UK. European Union countries.


Human and physical Geography 

  • I understand about weather patterns around the world and relate these to climate zones 
  • I can explain how rivers erode, transport and deposit materials 
  • I can explain about physical features of coasts and begin to understand erosion and deposition 
  • I can understand how humans affect the environment 
  • I can explain about changes the to the world environment 
  • I can understand why people seek to manage and sustain their environment 


Place knowlege 

  • I can compare the physical features of a region of the UK and a region in North America, identifying similarities and differences