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Year 4 - Miss Rogers

Welcome to Year 4!

I am really excited to have you as my new eager explorers and I'm sure we are in for a real adventure this year!

Click on the image above to see the welcome message!

Take a tour of your new classroom by clicking the picture above!

Click on the picture below to listen to the story of Amelia Earhart

In my suitcase, I would pack...

I would like you to think about what you are going to bring with you as you make the journey from year 3 into year 4!

This could be something physical, such as your favourite book or your best handwriting (ready to achieve a pen license) but it could also be an attitude or quality for example 'kindness' or 'a can-do attitude'.


I would like you to write these things down onto the suitcase template below. If you cannot print this, simply draw your own suitcase or rucksack and write the things inside.

I would love to see your completed suitcases so please email them to me at:


My Personal Compass


Amelia Earhart followed her dreams and achieved her goals despite having challenges to overcome. I would like to know what your goals are and what things you find challenging.

Below, there is a template of a compass. You will notice there are four spaces for you to fill. Here are the things I would like you to write in each quarter of the compass:

- Tell me an interest or hobby you have 

- Name a moment in year 3 that you are proud of

- Name a goal you want to achieve in year 4

- What do you find challenging and tricky?


If you cannot print the compass template, or would like to be more creative, have a go at drawing your own compass and writing the four things in or around it! I will put some more examples below of some colourful compasses for inspiration! I have put my compass above so you can find out a little more about me too! 

I'd love to see your completed compasses so please email them to me at: