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Year 4

Objectives covered in Year 4:


Show understanding of a range of familiar spoken phrases, for example through acting out part of a familiar story heard. (Listening)

Listen to and accurately repeat particular phonemes in songs and rhymes and begin to make links to spellings. (Listening)

Notice that the target language may contain different phonemes and that some similar sounds may be spelt differently to English. (Listening)

Ask and answer a range of questions on different topic areas. (Speaking)

Using familiar sentences as models, make varied adaptations to create new sentences. (Speaking)

Read aloud using accurate pronunciation and present a short learned piece for performance. (Speaking)

Read a range of familiar written phrases and sentences, recognising their meaning and reading them aloud accurately. (Reading)

Follow the written version of a text he/she is listening to. (Reading)

Begin to work out the meaning of unfamiliar words within a familiar text using contextual and other clues. (Reading)

Write words and short phrases from memory. (Writing)

Use a range of adjectives to describe things in more detail, such as describing someone's appearance. (Writing)

Write descriptive sentences using a model but supplying some words from memory. (Writing)

Recognise a wider range of word classes including pronouns and articles, and use them appropriately. (Grammar)

Understand that adjectives may change form according to the noun they relate to, and select the appropriate form. (Grammar)

Recognise questions and negative sentences. (Grammar)