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Year 4

Objectives covered in Year 4:


Chronological Understanding

I can place some historical periods in a chronological framework.

I can use historic terms related to the period of study.

I can use dates to order and place events on a timeline.(Band 5)


Historical Enquiry

I can use sources of information in ways that go beyond simple observations to answer questions about the past.

I can use a variety of resources to find out about aspects of life in the past.


Historical Interpretations

I can understand that sources can contradict each other.

I can make comparisons between aspects of periods of history and the present day. (Band 5)


Organisation and Communication

I can communicate his/her learning in an organised and structured way, using appropriate terminology.


Understanding of Events, People and Changes

I can describe the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain. (Band 6)

I can describe Britain's settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots. (Band 6)