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Year 4

Geographical skills and fieldwork 

  • I can understand and use widening range of terms such as contour, height, valley, erosion, deposition, transportation, headland, volcanoes and earthquakes
  • I can measure straight line distances using the right scale 
  • I can explore features on a map 
  • I can draw accurate maps with more complex keys 
  • I can plan the steps for an enquiry 


locational knowledge 

  • I can recognise the different shapes of the continents 
  • I can show I know features nearby and beyond the UK 
  • i can show where countries are within Europe including Russia 
  • i can recognise that people have different quality of life living in different locations and environments 
  • I can explain how the locality is set within a wider geographical context 


Human and physical geography 

  • I can describe human features of UK regions, cities and or counties 
  • I can understand the effect of landscape features on the development of a locality 
  • I can describe how people have been affected by changes in the environment 
  • i can explain about key natural resources 
  • I can explore weather patterns around parts of the world 


Place Knowledge 

  • i can show I know about the wider context of places
  •  I can understand why there are similarities and differences between places