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Year 3

Geographical skills and fieldwork 

  • I can ask and answer geographical questions 
  • I can analyse evidence and draw conclusions such as make comparisons between locations using aerial photos 
  • I can recognise that different people hold different views about an issue and can begin to understand some of the reasons why
  • i can communicate findings in appropriate ways
  • I can understand and use geographical terms such as meander, floodplain, location, industry, transport, settlement and water cycle
  • I can use basic geographical words such as cliff, ocean, valley, vegetation, soil, mountain, port, harbour, factory and office
  • i can make more detailed fieldwork sketches and diagrams
  • I can use and interpret maps
  • I can use four figure references
  • I can use the 8 points of a compass
  • I can make plans and maps using symbols and keys 

Locational Knowlege 

  • I can point to where countries are within the UK and their key topographical features 
  • I can name and locate the cities of the UK


Human and physical geography 

  • I can show I know the physical and human features of my locality 
  • I can explain about weather conditions/ patterns around the UK and parts of Europe


Place knowlege 

  • I can understand why there are similarities and differences between places 
  • I can show some sense of how places relate to each other