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Year 3

Working Scientifically


'Working Scientifically' skills underpin all areas of the Science curriculum. These are skills that are transferrable between different topics and are built on every year to help us to become accomplished scientists.


In Year 3, the 'Working Scientifically' objectives are:


  • I can ask questions and use different types of scientific enquiries to answer them.
  • I can set up simple practical enquiries, comparative and fair tests.
  • I can make observations and take measurements using standard units, using a range of equipment, including thermometers and data loggers.
  • I can gather, record, classify and present data in a variety of ways to help with answering questions.
  • I can record findings using simple scientific language, drawings, labelled diagrams, keys, bar charts, and tables.
  • I can report on findings from enquiries, including spoken and written explanations, displays or presentations of results and conclusions.
  • I can use results to draw simple conclusions, make predictions for new values, suggest improvements and raise further questions.
  • I can explain differences, similarities or changes related to simple scientific ideas and processes.
  • I can use straightforward scientific evidence to answer questions or to support my findings.


Over the year, we will be addressing all of these objectives through the different science topic areas above.