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Year 2

In Year 2 pupils will learn to:


* I can listen to and understand different pieces of high quality live and recorded music.

* I can find the pulse and internalise it in my head.

* I can improvise a simple rhythm using different instruments using my voice.

* I can understand that timbre describes the character or quality of a sound.

* I can understand that texture describes the layers within music.

* I can understand that structure describes how different sections of music are ordered.

* I can describe a piece of music using musical language.

* I can confidently perform rhymes, raps and songs.

* I can understand that the words in a song can affect its melody.

* I can sing a song in two parts.

* I can use tuned and unturned classroom percussion to play accompaniments and tunes.

* I can use tuned and unturned classroom percussion to compose and improvise.

* I can play instruments using the correct techniques with respect.

* I can practise, rehearse and perform music to an audience with confidence.

* I can experiment with, select, create and combine sounds using the inter-related dimensions of music.