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Year 1

As stated in the National Curriculum, the subject content for children in Key Stage 1 is as follows:

·         Master basic movements including running, jumping, throwing and catching, as well as developing balance, agility and co-ordination, and begin to apply these in a range of activities.

·         Participate in team games, developing simple tactics for attacking and defending.

·         Perform dances using simple movement patterns.

Year 1

Lessons may include:

- Run with limited but observable flight phase, extension of back leg and some arm swing.
- Jump up and forward from two feet and land two feet using their arms to help them.
- Hop 6-8 times consecutively travelling forward on each foot separately.
- Skip forwards without a rope, hopping on alternate feet. May land flat footed. 
- March using opposite arm and leg. Bending at elbow and knee of 90 degrees. 
- Walk forwards heel to toe for 5 or more steps without support. 
- Stand on one leg for about 8 seconds (on right and left leg) 
- Roll from their tummy, to their back and onto their tummy again keeping their body straight and their arms above their head. 
- Overhand throw a ball stepping forward on same leg as throwing arm. The ball may be held behind the head and upper body bends forward, transferring body weight as arm moves forward.   
- Catch a small ball using both hands whilst stationary 5 times out of 10. Arms may trap the ball instead of hands. 
- Kick a stationary ball from standing by swinging their leg backward and forward with the opposite arm in front for balance on right and left foot. 
- Trap a ball that is rolled towards them with each foot separately. Movement may appear poorly timed and uncoordinated. 
- Apply the above skills in a range of different activities.
- Defend a target by moving their body to intercept a bean bag. Begin to look for and move into a space to score. 
- Remember how to start and finish a dance, and what shapes or actions are in the middle. Work individually or with a partner. May use different levels and directions. 
 - One against one, two against two or one against two or three. Play with a partner to complete a task.
- Analyse my own and others' performance. 
We also use the Real PE fundamentals skills scheme from years Reception to 6. It aims to give every child the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, sport and life.
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