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Year 1

In Year 1 pupils will learn to:


* I can concentrate and listen to a piece of music.

* I can find the pulse by moving my body.

* I can use musical words and phrases to describe a piece of music.

* I can name different musical instruments.

* I can say what I like or dislike about a piece of music and describe how it makes me feel.

* I can understand that rhythm describes the mixture of long and short sounds which are performed on top of the pulse.

* I can listen to, copy and repeat and simple rhythm or melody.

* I can understand that pitch describes how high or low sounds are.

* I can understand that tempo describes how fast or slow music is.

* I can understand that dynamics describes how loud or quiet music is.

* I can perform rhymes, raps and songs.

* I can follow the conductor or band leader.

* I can understand how to sing musically after warming up, sitting or standing well so that I can project the sounds confidently.