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Week 6

Good Morning Brilliant Butterflies!

We hope that you had a lovely weekend. I can't quite believe that it's week six of home learning. You have been doing such an amazing job! Mrs Lilley, Miss Blake and I are very proud of you all for coping with such a big change and for putting in so much effort to continue your learning at home. It is great to see many of you having the time to develop your life skills such as cooking and gardening, which we really value in Reception. I thought I'd just say that we don't expect every task we put on to be completed everyday, as we know that everybody's circumstances are different. Please choose what works for you and your family. We are looking forward to seeing what you get up to this week!


Derbyshire School Games PE activities this week are linked to Netball.

This week's Learning


The main focus for Oak Academy writing lessons this week is the traditional story Little Red Riding Hood but the children will also be making a treasure map!



The focus for maths is 'Time' and the children will be learning to use the language of time by looking at days of the week, months of the year and seasons. Singing along with the songs is a great way to learn their order. They will also be looking at the order of their day and beginning to explore measuring time.


The lessons this week don't focus on telling the time, however this is something that you could begin to look at with your child by talking about times that are relevant to them. Try to draw their attention to a clock/watch throughout the week so they can build on their understanding of time. What time do you get up/have breakfast/have lunch/go to bed? Can they identify some of these times on a digital or analogue clock? (o'clock times) What numbers are on a clock face? How are they organised? Why do the numbers go from 1-12? How many hands are there? Have fun playing a game of 'What's the time Mr Wolf' to get them used to hearing and saying o'clock times.


Keeping children reading is really important but I understand that it’s difficult without the supply of books that we have in school. Oxford Owl is great for finding books of your child’s level (You will find instructions for how to access these in the reading folder on the main page). I understand that some of you are running low on reading material so I’ve suggested some activities that you could do and worksheets that you can print or use on the computer.  If you have books at home to read then you don’t have to complete these but I know that this works for some families.


If you don’t have a printer or don’t want your child having too much screen time then children can still look at and enjoy books that might be a little out of their reading age. Set them a task of being a digraph detective or a tricky word detective and see how many they can find on a page. Maybe they could keep a tally.


It’s important to keep enjoying books together. Your child will also benefit from listening to you read books and stories that they can’t read themselves yet. You can ask them questions to check their understanding and develop their inference skills.


Inference skills

  • Predicting (look at the front cover and talk about what you think the story will be about)
  • Work breakdown (check understanding of words read)
  • Give the gist of the story (give a brief overview of what has happened in the story)
Click on the links below to find a few websites that have reading activities and stories that you can listen to.