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Week 11 Begins 22.6.20

Good Morning Brilliant Butterflies!

We hope that you had a lovely weekend. Thank you for being such busy bees last week and working so hard! We thoroughly enjoyed seeing all your writing and maths learning and the creative contributions to the Reception art gallery. What talented artists you are! 

Welcome to week 11 of home learning! 



Each day, please can you choose a book and spend 10 minutes+ reading/sharing it with an adult or older sibling. It can be a book that you have at home or an eBook on the Oxford Owl website. If you would like to do more then choose an activity from  READING resources and weblinks on the main Reception home learning page. There are sheets to print for reading and comprehension or websites to find interactive books so choose something that interests you!


We are continuing with our Magnificent Minibeasts topic this week. 

Which minibeasts are carnivores and which are herbivores?

Why are slugs slimy?

Why are earthworms good for the soil?

How do earwigs keep a garden tidy?

Why are ladybirds red?

Find out some answers to these questions and more fascinating facts by watching the clips below.


Snail art and craft ideas

Some more snail activities!

Make your own snailery


Make your own musical instrument inspired by nature!