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Maths- Fraction Revision. 

We are having a break today from the Math's Hub. Today we are going to practice one of the trickiest skills we learnt in Year 6: how to divide fractions. if you go to the Oak page you can watch videos, try a quiz and a task to really help you consolidate this tricker skills that you will use in Year 7.



Today we are using the Oak Academy. We are going to study the features of an information leaflet. Click on the web adress here to take you to your learning. 



Today I would like to create a poster for what Kindness looks like. Can you think of and show 12 different ways to be kind. Here are some ideas. When you go to your new school in September I hope you will all be kind to the people that you meet! 


Bucket Fillers


To be kind, you can think about yourself as a bucket filler. What can you say and do to help fill other people's buckets so that they feel valued. Some people who are unkind do actions that empty other people's buckets and this makes that other person feel negative feelings, even if they may not show it. Year 6 moving forward try to be a bucket filler and be kind to others. Create a bucket image to represent someone in your life who you would like to be kind to. Write their name on it. Then write some nice things about them upon it. This will fill up their bucket and make them feel valued and positive for a very long time. Be Bucket Fillers Year 6! Think about things you can say and do for people that will fill their buckets, be kind!