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Wednesday RSE: Change

Look at the Changes Powerpoint and talk about how things can change in our lives and how this might make us feel. There have been lots of changes recently due to the coronavirus. For example not seeing some family and friends and not coming to school. Talk about how these changes have made you feel.

A big change for you will be in September, when you move in to Year 1. Some things will be different, for example you will be in a different classroom with a different teacher and you will be learning new subjects such as Geography and History. However, it’s important to remember that not everything will change. For example, you will still be in the block with your same friends and you will still have playtimes and lunch times like you did in Reception.

** Talk through how you feel about moving up to Year 1.

What are you excited about? Is there anything that you’re worried about? What would you like to know about Year 1?

Draw a picture or write a sentence about what you are looking forward to about being in Year 1. If you have any questions that you’d like to ask your new teacher, Miss Stephens then write it down. If you put your questions on Tapestry, then I will try and find out the answers for you. **

Changes Lesson: The Koala Who Could

In today's lesson, we will explore how we might feel when we experience changes in our routine. We will also think about how we feel about trying new things. The key areas that this lesson links to are personal, social and emotional development and expressive arts and design.