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Lesson 3 – Divide fractions by integers

This week we are starting a new topic on fractions.

You need to go click on the video link below which will lead you to, Summer 1 Week 4 because this is the learning we need to cover (don't worry we are not behind).

Today your screen should look like this so make sure you are working from the right page. 

Watch the video as many times as you need to. Start the task and then mark your own answers. I have attached the question and answers worksheet below.

Today you could take a few moments to be mindful and focus on your breathing. Focusing on your breathing can help you feel calmer and more relaxed. Use this GoNoodle link.


Literacy: To be able to write for a purpose. Today we continue with our letter of complaint unit. Log on to the Oak Academy page using the link below. 


Topic Geography

Yesterday you located where in the world food is produced and traded from. You found out about the economy of these countries from the foods/produce they export. Now you should know where in the world some of these countries are and what continent they are apart of. Now go to this BBC Bitesize page to watch some videos about the continents in the world. Then you can open the task sheet below and see of you can label them independently. 


Open this sheet and see if you can locate the seven continents in the world. Then check you were right.