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Lesson 3 - Grouping

Today, as you have been used to doing, you will first need to visit the White Rose website for the video. The White Rose website link below will take you to the correct page for Year 2.


Watch the video slides – pause and rewind as you need to. Then, answer the questions on the activity sheets in your exercise book. The answers are there for you to check, too.

You can also visit the BBC website, following the link below, for additional videos and activities on today's lesson if you would like further support with your learning.



For the rest of the week, we will be using a video stimulus for our writing. The video is called Embarked. 

The video link is below.


Jimmy loves his tree house. It holds many special memories for him. When Jimmy has to move to the city with his family it's a sad day for the both of them. Tree House decides to do something about it.  


Today's lesson is a planning lesson and then you will use your notes in tomorrow's lesson.


First, watch and enjoy the video. Then watch the video again but this time use your inference skills. Can you infer how the characters are feeling from their facial expressions? Why do they feel this way? Do their feelings change during different parts of the video? How do you know? Why is this?

You could pause the video as you go along and make notes in your exercise book.


Next, think about the order of the events in the story. Can you summarise the key things that happened?

Record these in your exercise book too.


You can send your work to year2@overseal.derbyshire.sch.uk

Topic - PSHE


Today, we will be using Oak National Academy for our PSHE lesson.


We will discuss the use of a time capsule, as a way of storing memorable items from our time in COVID-19 lockdown. We will start by discussing how to stay clean and healthy, which will be followed by making a sign that can be used to promote good handwashing and reduce the risk of spreading germs.


The lesson will start with a quiz to complete and then click on the play button to start the video.