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Today you could do PE with Joe Wicks live at 9.00am or later in the day on his Youtube channel

Now do today's activity on paper and then mark your own work using the answers provided.



Today you are going to recap on how to use bullet points. Go to the Bitesize literacy page for Year 6.


There are two videos to watch to help remind you about how to use bullet points.

Then have a go at some of the activities. One of the activities is for you to write some bullet points to show your dream schedule for the day. I would really like to see any of your work. Send it to Year6@Overseal.derbyshire.sch.uk. You could email me a typed document or a photograph of your written work. 

Topic Science


Go to the Science BBC bitesize page to watch a video about how the eye sees.


Then draw your own diagram to show how the eye detects light. Email me your diagrams and explanations please, I would really like to see your understanding.