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Hi Shining Stars! I hope you have been enjoying your home learning so far this week. 

Please keep up the hard work you are all doing. I love seeing your work and don't forget you can email any work or craft activities you have done to this email address: 





Add equal groups

Please read through and complete the activities on the power point (below). Calculate the answers then reveal if you are correct.

Once you have worked through the power point, you must answer the fluency questions (below). These are split into 3 challenges - just like you are used to. D is challenge 1, E is challenge 2 and GD is challenge 3. Remember, challenge yourself to complete what you can. Please answer these in your exercise book - make a note of the date and question numbers. 

After completing the tasks, you can mark your answers (answers available below). 



For literacy today I would like you to have a go at 'Oak National Academy's' Online lessons. 

I will copy the link for the website below. I would like you to complete Year 1- Week 1- Wednesday- Lesson 3 English. This online lesson is about using the conjunction 'and' you can complete this task in your home learning books. If you would like to send in a picture of your work, then I would love to see it!





For your art lesson this week I would like you to follow the 'Oak National Academy' online lesson. 

Year 1- Week 1- Friday- Lesson 1 Foundation ( I know it is Wednesday but I would like you do to the art lesson today!) I will copy the link below for this online task. 

I would love to see any work that you have created so please if you can email it to- year1@overseal.derbyshire.sch.uk