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Good Morning Brilliant Butterflies!

Cabbage White Butterfly

I hope you have a great day of home leaning.



Please can you spend 10 minutes+ reading/ sharing books with an adult or older sibling. Have a go at reading ‘The Big Carrot’ on the OxfordOwl website. I chose this one because it’s about growing things but feel free to choose another book if you prefer.


Key questions of the day...

Q (Before you begin, look at the front cover and title) What do you think might happen in this story?

Q. What characters are in the book?

Q. Where is the story set?

Q. What is your favourite part of the story? Why?

Q. Is there a PROBLEM in your story?

Q> What is it and how is it resolved?

Q. How would you sort out that problem?



Things to remember to be a good reader...

- Look at front cover to work out the title.

- Can you find the author's name?

- Be a good digraph detective!

- Track words with your finger.

-  Look out for any tricky words you know how to read by sight.

- Use WORD BREAKDOWN to say when there's a word you don't understand or know what it means in the story context.



Have a look at the ‘Life Cycle of a Flower Posters’ that explain what happens to a seed as it grows into a plant.


**Now use the sheet to put the pictures of the plant in the correct order. Or if you don’t want to print it out, you could draw your own pictures of what happens at each stage of the lifecycle and label them.**


Brain warm up: How many times can you write the trigraphs: air, ear, ure in a minute?


Phase 4 work: (For the adult: today’s focus is CVCC words-consonant, vowel consonant, cosonant)

Can you read these words? Remember to blend sounds if you get stuck!

   bump    jump     went     tent         damp    bend      mend


**Use the PhonicsPlay website and choose ‘Buried Treasure’, ‘Dragon’s Den’ or ‘Picnic on Pluto’ and select Phase 4, CVCC words, ‘set 1-7’.**