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Chapter Two and Three

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Click on the link below which will take you to White Rose lessons for Summer Term Lesson 3. These are the maths plans we follow in school so you will recognise the different methods and diagrams they use.


Watch the video slides and pause and rewind if you need to.

Then answer the questions from the activity sheet in your workbook.

The answers are there for you to check too!

When you scroll down, this is what your screen should look like when you get to the website.

You can either click on the links for the activity sheets and answers, or I’ve put them below, too.

(You will need to go to the website for the video, though)


Continuing on from our work on 'Mega City' over the next two days I would like you to write a dual narrative through both the eyes of Harry, Jack's dog and then through the eyes of Jack himself. Today you will start from Harry's perspective, telling their story as if you are Harry living it beside Jack.

I would like you to consider:

What events have taken place (what is the sequence of the story that we know about the two of them)

How have things changed for them both and how does that make Harry feel?

How does Harry feel about Jack? (Does he worry about him? Does he want to do more to help him? Does he have any bad feelings towards Jack, if so what are these?)

What is Harry looking forward to.


You need to re-write the story from Harry's perspective. I

would like you to use:

Description (adjectives, expanded noun phrases),

Different sentence openers,


Varied sentence types (short- simple, compound- using a conjunction and complex- using a subordinating conjunction)


Once again, email your work at:



Our topic in Geography we started was 'Mega cities' and we began to look at the differences between a regular city and a mega city and what made a mega city appealing.


For your topic work this week, I would like you to complete some research about a mega city of your choice. There is a list on Monday's page of the possible mega cities you could find information about.


Once you have decided, you can look online or watch videos about the place you have chosen. You can then present your research in any for you'd like; this could be a poster, power point presentation, video or leaflet. 

The facts you must include in your presentation are:

Where in the world is this mega city?

What is the latest recorded population of this megacity?

Does this mega city have any special places/ buildings/ famous architecture?